lego figures: 4 types of fashion bloggers – #mbfw #fashionweek #berlin

he has no blog, but just an invite for the show. he is only a bored hipster and got his ticket from a former girlfriend who wants him back. chears maik!


this melanie scarlett schulz from chemnitz (east germany). she is one of the very early birds in fashion blogging. she writes about accessories, shoes and also hats since 2003. she loves her iphone and instagram for photoblogging.


peter mac hammond is a deluxe blogger. he came from new york to visit the berlin fashion week for new trends like handmade quadratic hats. he is a little bit old fashioned, because he is very proud of his noble scottish birth. but in his opion he is a very cool and modern guy with the newest smartphone on earth.


marko müller a.k.a. „superfashionist 1991“ from lüneburg (western germany)- he is a world wide well known tumblr blogger with a scary liability to phantastic uniforms and the music of meat loaf! nuff said!